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  1. I'm sure Angelbaby has plastic surgery. Why she keep denying it and says she's all natural? gee!!

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    2. tovsleeptov


      Lol people still don't buy it. Said the doctor can be bribe. Vaness's wife once show her x-Ray picture to prove she's natural too. But I didn't check if she has something done or not.

    3. Noydarny80


      I think Pat Natapa she claimed she didn't have anything done on her face. She said she lost all her baby fat and wear braces lol you can see she went under the knife.

    4. ASH30


      Didn't they try to sue a company because they said the company claimed she had PS. I read it somewhere...idk..saying a celebrity never had anything done is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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