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  1. Yaya's puppy is an adorable munchkin!

  2. Mr. Politician, why do you have to be so good looking. It's distracting me from thinking purely about issues. Smh.

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    2. vmnew


      Canada's potential new Prime Minister. Just google for Justin Trudeau. You should see him in motion -very smart and charismatic. French-Canadian.

    3. NinjaKKN


      I figure you're referring to him. 555 He is a very charming man.

    4. vmnew


      True that 55555

  3. You learn a lot about people when they don't get what they want

    1. Kimix


      haha interesting, but not surprising...lol

  4. How do you change your password if you have forgotten your current password?

    1. Sunny


      When you try to log in click on Forgotten Password.

    2. vmnew
  5. Thanks for accepting new members. I have been a silent reader and now I will get an opportunity to participate.

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