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  1. I never like clowns. If I ever see you I'm gonna run you over,if you aren't down I'm backing up and running you over again till you are down. Word.

    1. honda


      Because of the whole clown craziness, we opt out of Halloween this year :(

    2. NinjaKKN


      I absolutely cannot be near clowns.

  2. Sat. Night. No kids for the weekend. Watching nangbarb with my sister. Been 10 years. Benz ghost is scary afloat lol

  3. Ch3 blocked their lakorn. I'm waiting to watch Naree rissaya. That's bS.

    1. xiong123


      What do you mean blocked? I can still watch the Lakorns. Ch3 didn't block the videos for Naree rissaya.....they just made it private. They're probably going to re-upload it soon.

    2. Sreymao


      Thanks. I hope so. Why all sudden make it private?

    3. Sunny


      Oooh really? No wonder I haven't got any new videos from Ch3!

  4. Happy 4th of july!! Have fun and be safe.

    1. ASH30


      Raining where we are at so this 4th we are home just relaxing. It is Ok though I don't like fighting traffic to see to fireworks. But happy 4th to everyone!!!

  5. West coast Cali or las Vegas , East coast Florida or Virginia. What other great vacation destinations in the states. Anybody recommend their cities. Planning on a road trip again this summer

    1. ASH30


      Virginia is Ok. I go there a lot so it's getting the same for me. Will be there this summer too. I like pensicola, Florida. Went there last summer and enjoyed the beach there. Never like Vegas during the summer. Went in July and it nearly killed me lol. During the summer it's hot everywhere. Supposed to be the hottest summer :(

    2. ladc


      Considering that you plan on going to Vegas, squeeze in Cali as well. LA is about 4 hour drive from Vegas. It will be lots of fun and save lots from having to visit the states separately.

  6. Happy khmer, Thai and Lao New year !! Year of the monkey. Have a safe and fun holiday everybody

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ASH30


      Awwww...sorry to hear that. My dad is 82 and I have him with me for so long I would not known what to do if he passes.

    3. Noydarny80


      Happy Pi Mai!!!

    4. NinjaKKN
  7. Netflix just announced that there will be Fuller house Season 2. can't wait

  8. I've watched all 13 episodes of Fuller house in just a day. so far it's GOOD. The kids cast are so cute expecially Baby tommy. I love Steve too. time for some zzzz.. no kids for the weekend too.

    1. Thip


      Is there going to be a season 2?

    2. Noydarny80


      Just starting. I missed the old casts. Lori Laughlin and John Stamos still look the same and more sexy. Bob Sagett and David Coulier gained weight.

  9. Super Bowl 50.. which team are you cheering for?? my families are stuffing themselves tonight at my place lol..

    1. Kwan20


      Denver my hometown

  10. wish I was in Thailand for the upcoming NEXT VENTURE 2016. It sure does bring back memories of all my old RS ARTIST I GREW UP LISTENING.

    1. m3lhouse


      If they can get JRVOY I might have to go! They even got dome back!

    2. Thip


      WHAT?!!!! OMG, I hope they bring JR-Voy back too. JR was my crush hahahah

  11. my sister say James ji look like Pink panther with that mustache or a porn star it lmao. i

  12. what's up with Por Thrisadee ? I'm seeing news. hopefully everything alright

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Mai


      Is it just a fever or all the above that Sunny listed? Whatever the case, I wish him well

    3. Sunny


      All the above and the Dengue fever.

    4. tovsleeptov


      Oh wow Hes so young, wish him get better soon.

  13. ch3 next batch of lakorn looks good. I'm ready for Sapai Jao and Mint- Mario lakorn. just in time to cuddle when watching lakorn with love ones lol..

    1. Noydarny80


      I'll watch Sa Pai Jao because it's my favorite lakorn but I am not very happy with their actors choice.

  14. Girl meets world on NETFLIX with my kids. fell in love with Corey and Topanga om TGIF growing up ,glad my kids are loving this show too

    1. tovsleeptov


      I like disney shows My favorite one is Austin & Ally.

    2. Noydarny80


      well I want to see JAG on netflix but they don't have it.

    3. nanthao


      im loving it too!

  15. football season officially begin. . SKOL VIKING. THEY PLAY MONDAY NIGHT THOUGH LOL.

    1. Noydarny80


      I don't have NFL favorite team. Good Luck with them. I love college football and OHIO state is my favorite.

    2. Sreymao


      College football is even better lol. . I support my Minnesota GOPHERS LOL. . COLLEGE GAME ARE WILD