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  1. 15 years.. wow.. the longest FORUM I've been a part of and still do. Sometimes I just come read lol like @Sunnymention it's our library. My spicy family. I loooove you guys. Happy anniversary. I hope this forum still be around. I'm not going nowhere. I've been a part since my early 20s, a mom and now a soccer mom lol I hope it still around for our kids that love thai entertainment. My daughter will , I will make her sit through a lakorn or any series its doesn't have to be thai. Make her an addict like me. ..( if I have a daughter lol. ) I have 2 preteens son. No luck there lmaooooo.. happy anniversary SPICY
  2. Happy songkran everyone! 

  3. Any Khmer peeps here.  Please help support, like and share this mv. My friend voice is amazing 


    1. Sunny


      I dont understand any words but I can hear that her voice is indeed really good!

  4. Soo cold in Minnesota.  -60 windchill burr... I'm working from home all week.  School are close, almost every business close early.  .its that bad.  

    1. Sunny


      I saw in the news, they say some parts are colder than Antarctica ! Stay safe and keep warm.

    2. Sreymao


      Thanks @Sunny . True about colder then Antarctica. My car won't start. Skin exposed for a bit you can get frostbite.  I live here all my life.  This is the worst lol 

  5. Happy new year 2019!! 

    1. Sunny


      Happy New Year to you too *kisses*

  6. Veteran actor Oh warot pass away. My condolences.  I grew up watching him. The first  Kobori 

    1. Sunny


      Oh no, isn't he still young? That's shocking. Condolences to his family.

    2. Sreymao


      I believe he's 49. Still young.  Yea its shock the whole  thai entertainment.

  7. I really adore Cindy Sirinya. Lately i been following her #don't tell me how to dress. What's everyone opinion on this issues. See few celeb comments on this.#WOMANRIGHTS

    1. Sunny


      She's really cool. Have you seen her on Golf's English room?


  8. Happy mother's Day!! 

    1. Sunny


      Happy Mother's Day, I'm not in that position yet .. again haha

    2. Sreymao


      ??? @sunny. Don't worry.  When you are ready don't forget to tell us the good news.  My mothers day card.  My son loves that I'm lazy LMAO???.  

    3. Sunny


      LOL maybe when Spicy turn 20 years old I'll still be looking for a BF :o
      Thats so sweet, he made you a card!

  9. Downtown Minneapolis is CRAZY with all kind of SB events happening.I wanna run into JT though ??? or the gorgeous Taylor Hill and Gisele ??.  

    1. phanit92


      Before Love is a perfect . Now Money wins all barrier everything in her mind. No money No honey.

  10. Happy birthday America!! Have fun and be safe my fellow Spicy members. 

    1. Mai


      Dont party too hard Americans!  lol

  11. Sreymao

    ? Happy 13th SPICY Forum ?

    13 years , Wow !! Busy schedules,lots of running around with 2 children I'm still here lol. This is my.escape paradise hehe. Happy anniversary Spicy forum.
  12. I never like clowns. If I ever see you I'm gonna run you over,if you aren't down I'm backing up and running you over again till you are down. Word.

    1. honda


      Because of the whole clown craziness, we opt out of Halloween this year :(

    2. NinjaKKN


      I absolutely cannot be near clowns.

  13. Sat. Night. No kids for the weekend. Watching nangbarb with my sister. Been 10 years. Benz ghost is scary afloat lol

  14. Ch3 blocked their lakorn. I'm waiting to watch Naree rissaya. That's bS.

    1. xiong123


      What do you mean blocked? I can still watch the Lakorns. Ch3 didn't block the videos for Naree rissaya.....they just made it private. They're probably going to re-upload it soon.

    2. Sreymao


      Thanks. I hope so. Why all sudden make it private?

    3. Sunny


      Oooh really? No wonder I haven't got any new videos from Ch3!

  15. Happy 4th of july!! Have fun and be safe.

    1. ASH30


      Raining where we are at so this 4th we are home just relaxing. It is Ok though I don't like fighting traffic to see to fireworks. But happy 4th to everyone!!!