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  1. Whoa, Miss Thailand... 

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    2. m3lhouse


      I feel like all of the questions are usually like wtf hahahah I finally saw her response.  I think her initial problem was stuttering because it was obvious she was searching for an answer ahhahaa I think her answer wouldn't be as bad if she seemed more confident and talked more because it would end up being a decent generic answer.... If I couldn't think of a specific social movement, I would've broadened up the question where she could've said, for ANY social movement to work, we have to invest in our youth so that they're well prepared to take on issues that's relevant to them ... etc I think that's what she was going for?  ahhaha but she wasn't able to verbalize it at all... like we're in an aging society?  bitch yeah we are people age everyday, what do you mean?  ahahhaha  She didn't tie her answer into the question so yeah she didn't end up answering the question... she wasn't saavy enough to be miss universe hahahaha 

      Everybody mad tho that south africa won ahahha they mostly wanted jamaica or at least columbia coz she answered well.  

    3. Mai


      a beauty without brains lol


    4. shampoo


      Jamaica was good. I wouldn't mind. 

      Yes, she didn't tied her answer well. I mean I understand the nervousness but I don't think she was well train. Like most people who runs for these pageant were groomed for it, right? Seems like she is really unprepared for the world.