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  1. Anybody following all of the rapist actors in Hollywood getting outed for the past few weeks? I mean I knew this stuff was happening but the list of who is wild!

    1. shampoo


      Lol the amount is staggering. men in power taking advantage of their power 

    2. m3lhouse


      It's literally like everyday it's someone new who gets accused.  Ed Westwick allegedly raping two girls, like Chuck Bass?  Puck from Glee is waiting sentencing for child porn... like wtf... The craziest is the pedophile ring that they're still hesitant to acknowledge.  But at least they're finally coming out with the men abusing women because all of this is well known.  

    3. shampoo


      Lol well some women in hollywood should stop normalizing this. The trained these powerful men to think it’s ok when they were ok with sleep with them for roles or to gain certain benefit. It’s like a trade for these men. I’m not saying it’s right for these men to do this. I’m glad it’s getting out there though so at least hopefully changes will be coming for a lot of women who says NO and walked out. Not the one who says NO but stays in the room.