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  1. X... just take my money Apple 

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    2. m3lhouse


      Yeah... that's my macbook air... but you know you're phone is your life hahahaha so it should be worth that much ahahaha but then again I feel like the fun features are just extras ahahaha you know like I don't need this... so the 8s is probably gonna be the way to go coz I need to upgrade no matter what.  But we'll see I'm gonna go test it out and probably get the X ahhahaa I also need a new iPad ahahah I NEED EVERYTHING ahhahaa 

    3. LyLy


      Apple is offering $260.00 for turning in your old phone.  I'm gonna get it but maybe wait until Christmas time lol.  My phone is my life too.  I want the new Apple TV!  No iPad!

    4. m3lhouse


      Oh okay, so the X could actually be $740 hahahaha this is why I don't always buy every model coz they're gonna come out with a new next year and I keep my phones in really good condition. I actually need one of their newer iPads coz mine is the iPad which is basically their 3rd one and it's obsolete.  Some apps do not work well at all right now.  But yeah it's best to wait to hear some feedback too.  Like even if the X is all nice with glass, I always buy a case so it's an extra feature that's making it more expensive than it really should be hahahah wireless charge but the pad it charges on has a wire lololololol oh apple ahahaha