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  1. Oh man Mann I was so confused when I tried to go to the old forum!
  2. http://z12.invisionfree.com/kwanfanclub Sorry for the inconvience everyone, but there was a little mishap and somehow all the members were deleted. I would be great if everyone could re-register!! Thanks, and sorry again! ;]
  3. When you look at the print screen button what does it say? On my laptop, the print screen button is with the 'Insert' button, and print screen is located in a box, which means I have to hold down the function button, then press print screen. Then you go on with pasting it into paint or photoshop.
  4. Yeah it's mine. I opened it, we'll see how things go, usually I'm the same way, if it's closed I don't join, I just had it closed because I was still working on stuff. Hopefully more people join. =]
  5. http://z15.invisionfree.com/PancakeClub/index.php
  6. Mann the Beautiful Hearts layout is really pretty!! The Araya one too!! Goah I wish I had talent like you!!

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