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  1. I just hope people out there are smart enough to not buy from this person...
  2. nalika


    Which program can i use to do it Nalika? Have any suggestion ? And 10 minutes long, how many mo is it ? Try searching for "Ultra Video Splitter" but I think it cost money to buy that program. You could also try googling for any free wmv splitter
  3. nalika


    you have to cut your file to make it 10 minutes long. Youtube own't cut them for you and you won't be able to upload them
  4. Since MPG files are already compressed, the resultant output will probably be pretty poor. try playing around with the bitrate/frame rate in wmm...(don't use wmm so don't know how it work) If you're committed to mpeg1, then ffmpegX does a pretty good job of encoding very low bitrate mpeg files, although the quality doesn't match the original one...but i think ffmpeg cost around 20 buck (google to see) Otherwise you would demultiplex (split video and audio) but this step is too hard...
  5. what are your rip file in?
  6. vcd quality would be fine...are your willing to sell me a copy...
  7. i kinda of want it in good quality with bigger file size...
  8. I wanted to translate this lakorn for a friend and I only have some beginning episodes. willing to buy if anyone want to sell. I know they have it at ethaicd but it a little expensive and I'm dead broke now so someone who's willing to make extra copy for me at cheaper price would be great.... thx
  9. nalika

    Disc Space

    I used Nero also and it does make any backup file ... unless you first copy it as an image and then burn it later on...but if you just copy straight from vcd to vcd it doesn't make any backup... Passionalee and Mai...you guys are welcome...
  10. nalika

    Disc Space

    on a side note...it good to defragment your computer once in a while. so try doing this if you haven't done so.
  11. nalika

    Disc Space

    wow taking up 30gbs of hard drive for just making a copy of a disc...what program are u using...try deleting the backup after you finish...but it shouldn't take up that much space. on a regular single layer dvd disc it only 4.7 gbs... have you ever had your registry scan and clean? what about Defragment?
  12. nalika

    Disc Space

    okay try this to see if it'll works...( if you haven't done so) go to control panel click on Performance and Maintenance then click on Free up space on hard disk then a small window will pop up and it'll said "select drive you want to clean up" select C-drive let the disk clean up compress all the file at are store in your c drive, temp folder..etc...(usually when you delete things from your hdd it being store at a temp folder which is invisible) next a window pop up after the compression and it'll say "Disk Cleanup for (C:) under tab "Disk Cleanup" it'll have all these files and on the right of the file it say how may space it taking up select all the files and remember these are just files you have deleted from your hdd but are being store here and click Okay. It'll take a couple minutes to cleanup. You girls can try to see if this will work. it works for me everytime i have problem and by the way I was wonder exactly how many gig did both of you actually have left... let me know it this help
  13. do you mean .dat file? if is then i would think that your .dat file are from your vcd source usually when you convert your vcd onto your hdd it'll either be in mpeg1 or .dat format... as for your running out of space try cleaning your hdd......check to see how may gig are left...if you have very low gig left it'll tell you that you have very running out of space...go to your c-drive and check
  14. what formats are your lakorn in...for example are they .avi/wmv..etc... assuming that the episodes you want to compress are on your hdd...you could use nero but it cost about 65 bucks and it does a really nice jobs... or you could use some of the free one avi to dvd converter convertxtodvd just google and dl i usually burn my lakorn episode using Superdvd Creator...it cost about 25 dollar and it very easy to uses
  15. nalika


    never mind guys I found out how to burn it....

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