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  1. umm, she doesn't give her e-mail on the site but if you're at SW her username there is annenathlie something like that i can't remember she has a thread over at SW just go check it's on the first page of thai forum there. you have to pm her. you'll find it Ok thanks!! Me out of thai lakorns threads, I don't know what happen on sw :(
  2. Question... For that site http://www.geocities.com/thai_lakorn/ who exactly do I have to pm/email?!! It say "for infor or request, questions etc... Pm or email" but ... who she/he is?
  3. For europeans you have (price in €uro) www.nangthai.com Don't know if they have what you want but they are cheap!
  4. Narko


    Yeah i'm really REALLY annoyed!!! I've just renew my account yesteday and what!!! I see today no channel 7 anymore
  5. Narko

    need help

    Wow So let me resume... You don't want to lose your file, but you don't want to keep them on your HD and on do't want to burn!! Do you want buy another hd? or maybe if you don't mind upload then try storage online... I do that when my lakorns take to much space coz like you i don't want to burn lol!!! Try Mediamax. You can store 25 Gb for free then if you want more space yuo have to $pay$ or you can open new account!!! Hope that this will help you!
  6. Yes!! Nothing's impossible in this world!! What you need is a prog who can extract for you audio content from video!! Me use blaze media pro. it good for what you want do. Plus you can convert your wmv to mpeg,vcd,dvd,etc... And it's easy to use! Oww just check by yourself!! blaze media pro + crack

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