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  1. Yes. Those are the only lakorns of Ying so far. Thanks for the help THIPPY
  2. [CH7 New Generation] KRATIP, ICE, NAMWAAN & YING Fanclub: http://z6.invisionfree.com/k_i_n_y_fanclub ** Eng. Forum for my top 4 fav. new actresses for CH7! I'm still working on it.
  3. <3_Jieb


  4. <3_Jieb


    Does anyone know the URL to this site???
  5. <3_Jieb


    thanks for sharing<3
  6. <3_Jieb

    Mai kor... (Leurd hong mv)

    wow. dat's interesting. SB & JLR sure are bigg hits through many nations although they aren't my favorties. -.-
  7. <3_Jieb

    Troubles w/ my laptop! -.-

    Naww, I tried it every two days already since last Friday. Doesn't work. ^_^ *sigh. I wish it was like you said TEPTIDA.
  8. <3_Jieb

    Troubles w/ my laptop! -.-

    okies, thankss guys so much! (:
  9. <3_Jieb

    Troubles w/ my laptop! -.-

    ohh, i see then. -.- grrrrrrrrrr. sucks like heckk! i'm so not over it, sortaa. my laptop is like my life, seriously! everything in there. all my pics, songs, dramas & etc. so much more
  10. <3_Jieb

    Troubles w/ my laptop! -.-

    awww, darn! this sucks so much! *sigh. i don't know what in the world caused it to happen! it was working perfectly fine!! -.- thankss though! (:
  11. <3_Jieb

    Troubles w/ my laptop! -.-

    Okay, I don't know wtheckk happened to my laptop! I came home and I pushed the on button and all of a sudden it doesn't turn on at all!!!!!!! I don't know what the probelm is!! It just won't turn on at all! -.- Anyone know what's wrongg? I lost everythingg, I depended on it too much!
  12. PONG FANCLUB FORUM REPLACED BY: PONG+PUENG forum!! (: http://z4.invisionfree.com/PClique/index.php?
  13. <3_Jieb

    Sarnworld forum, troubles.

    okies thanks ptina *lol!*
  14. <3_Jieb

    Sarnworld forum, troubles.

    okay yeah it's good now
  15. <3_Jieb

    Sarnworld forum, troubles.

    is it just me or whaat? i cannot get into SW. everytime i click go the websties take me to bouncysevers.com right away, i cannot get into SW