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  1. We are not charging, we are paying for help as we want dedicated subtitlers and to get the lakorns subtitled fast. I am posting because I'm looking to hire help. All lakorns that have been subtitled I will be uploading for all to watch. We will also be encoding them onto DVD for any of those who want to keep a collection with DVD quality, ofcourse for DVD sets, people will have to pay.
  2. Hello, Thanks for your replies.. I am teaming up with DramaFall to gather a subbing team together. If you are interested in joining please visit: http://dramafall.yuku.com and post in the forum "Joining DramaFall" Please post any questions you may have there. Only serious helpers only please, no time wasters as we will be paying you for your help. P.S you won't have to be subbing a whole lakorn on your own, at the moment we are thinking of paying per episode but still in the process of deciding.
  3. Hi all, I wanted to know if anyone would be wanting to subtitle Thai lakorns in English for me. I will be willing to pay so please send me a message to discuss. My girlfriend loves watching Thai series and is unable to watch it subtitled online, plus I have been looking around and the quality all seems so poor anyway. So I want to put them onto DVD for her myself. Please send me a message if you are interested as this is a serious offer. Thanks for reading Best Regards

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