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  1. Goblin OST is probably the best ever OST from a K-series. Every songs, every instruments, epic!

    1. Mai


      Usually youre blind and deaf to anything youre obsessed about lol.  So I would say youre being biased lol

    2. Sunny


      I liked many K-series last year but I think Goblin has the best, like all the songs and even instruments. Normally with K-series I only liked selected songs and not all. I even invest in buying the CDs haha which is a first.

  2. Darvil and I updated the security and moved the server of Spicy. Please let me know if anyone is noticing anything weird because I'm noticing how slow Spicy is running for me lol just wanted to check if that is only me or everyone else?
  3. Thank you guys for keeping us updated ^_^
  4. ''The time that I spent with you shines. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad. Because the weather was good enough. All the days were good.'' - Goblin <3

  5. I think they are trying to see a hidden content in this thread but there is nothing since I didn't put any hidden contents above. I was asking a general question lol
  6. That happened to me too before but now I just click on the x hours ago link it takes me to the last person that's posted. It's faster but I know sometimes its not the first post since you last left so you have to scroll up a bit. Maybe we'll figure something out soon.
  7. I like to entertain but I'm not wild, I like to see people giggle and smile because of my comments or little moments. Life is too short to be stuck up lol.
  8. My dramatic moments come out through writing. But I think if you hang out with me maybe I will become that unfeeling person hahahaha.
  9. I'm the most dramatic person you've known? heheheeh
  10. I just found a cool function though, I typed something last time and left it and quit the forum. After I come back the post was saved from last time. OMG I'm excited because does that mean I will never loose my post? hahahaa I hate when that happens when I type an essay and the forum or window crash and I have to retype or whatever lol. Anyways to be honest, I'm free flowing, I don't know why but I'm not stressed out about this haha maybe because I see that its not a huge deal. Been through too much in life But I think with time I'll probably get into the stuff again. Sorry if I'm like not figuring things out at the moment with you. I think the first two nights after the update drained me out.
  11. How come it happened? It wasn't like this before so I don't think it's the skin that was made to make the activity page a default. Don't stress too much though, just take it slow and give it time, I'm sure we'll sort everything or most things eventually, its not like its a huge mess.
  12. That is happening to me too, I wonder what happened lol I might look into it again tonight after work, v4 have a mind of its own too hehe
  13. Yea, it was easier for me with the last skin. I think we just needed time to explore each skin to find its own features.
  14. This skin n the last skin is from the same creator therefore there isn't much difference minus the options being from top now to the side. I haven't looked into it yet as I've been busy. Maybe tonight