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  1. finished airing please pin
  2. finished airing please pin
  3. Wow it's been death after death after death after death for Thai celebs this week. Latest is Num Sornram's father :(

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    2. shampoo
    3. Mai


      May they all RIP.  Sad I grew up seeing his dad onscreen too.  I remember him in Jarachon as Aum's dad.

    4. Kimix


      yes, the Sao..Mistine lady is also very ill for a while. Does anyone know what's her illness? Also, Nadech's father's been ill too....sometimes death of old age is understandable bc its life, and no one can escape death...but the saddest part is to die at such a young age..that is true sadness in life :'(

  4. oooh Pancake better not renew her contract with True bc if she do, she's going to lose a fan LOL.

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    2. Thip


      I think her next project is with Khun Nong with Broadcast. Golf is gonna be in it too. they were seen at Broadcast together and then there's rumors that she might replace Taew in Nakee 2. Nakee fans are flipping out lol. I dont think she fits the role anyways hahahha

    3. m3lhouse


      Well, khun dang already put up a statement saying that any rumors related to Nakee is false coz they're still early productions.  So nothing to flip out about.  Seriously, lately, speculations for a lot of projects are spinning out of control... it's so annoying.  I understand you can get excited and can't help but speculate but some of the discussion like this nakee one gets wild coz they start to forget that there's no source or it's unreliable so there's no real reason to flip out or even drag out their speculations.  ahahaha it's like they got upset for free hahahah 

    4. Noydarny80


      True Corporation is very rich part of Charoen Pokphand Group of Chearavanont family. Thailand richest family. 

  5. updates... please pin finish airing
  6. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the status is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    1. Sunny


      Now tell me all your feelings lol

    2. Mai


      Yes although I dont use it all that often I know a lot of people enjoy thats why I was so upset Sunny upgraded the skin and the side widgets went missing.  Took me ages to find a way to enable it.

  7. updates... please pin finished airing
  8. woohoooo happy anniversary to spicy!!!! Wow 13 years!
  9. this lakorn has not aired yet so please unpin finish airing please change the cast to: Tui Teerapat & Kwan Usamanee. Production is (Nook Narn- Polyplus)
  10. updates... finish airing please pin
  11. updates... finish airing Please change title to Game Payabaht also please move this thread to entertainment news section
  12. does the hide option doesnt work anymore? I tried hiding the magazine scan but it's not working and I already double checked to see if I had set it up right and I did
  13. updates...thank you. finish airing please pin
  14. updates... finish airing please pin please merge these two threads
  15. updates.... please pin