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  1. updates... finished airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20539-onehd-rahng-maihuajai-derm-magic-if-exact-scenario/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20473-ch7-petch-tud-petch-pordeecom/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20585-onehd-ngao-asoke-exact-scenario/ please pin http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21168-ch7-hak-lin-chang-pasangyasorn/
  2. Awesome!! Thanks Mai.
  3. Does anyone know the dimension size for the cover photo of the profile section? I'm trying to edit my cover photo on my profile but I'm having a hard time choosing the correct size on photoshop
  4. No I couldn't
  5. oooh I'm liking this new update so far and I can have my own header under my profile feed too hehe
  6. yeah it is very different now. Thank you Sunny and Darv for updating. At first I thought it was my internet LOL. quick question, is the signature option not available in this version? I can't find it in my setting lol
  7. updates...thank you finish airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/19829-ch3-kularb-tud-petch-chonlumpi/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20854-ch3-mae-khong-paendin-series-sang-tian-maker-k/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/19723-onehd-saluk-jit-exact-scenario/ please pin http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/19592-ch3-por-krua-hua-bpah-mind-at-work/
  8. Stay with me...Wang Kai, why must you be so handsome lol

    1. NinjaKKN


      The trailer looks really romantic. I'll probably watch it later.

    2. Thip


      lol it's not so romantic but more comical after she loses her memory

  9. oh CH3 is going to be airing SHR soon. Despite the tears and depression, I will tune in again haha. But if the dubbers sound like ahjussis and ahjummas then i aint watching LOL

    1. Sunny


      555+ I've seen the teasers again too but its not the dubbed teasers its subbed, hopefully they do not sound like aunts and uncles. *sigh* If it was Ch7, I would not worry as their dubbers are good sounding.

  10. finish airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20697-ch7-banlang-hong-samun-karn-lakorn/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20958-ch7-cheun-cheewa-didavideo/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21379-workpoint-raeng-chung-mung-mee-sook/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21445-onehd-sode-story/ please pin http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21006-ch7-sarb-dok-soi-pordeecom/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20370-ch7-look-tarn-loy-kaew-mak-gwa-fun/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20957-ch7-rissaya-kantana/
  11. oh, spicy is back!

    1. Sunny


      T_T my fault for letting the web become outdated. I need motivation lol.

    2. tovsleeptov


      lol welcome back spicy.

    3. Mai


      its down most of the time. Makes me lose motivation to stay active lol

  12. kissasian is back! yay!

    1. Sreymao


      Yay! Maybe now you can continue on BE MY LADY LOL. LOVE Danrich

    2. Sunny


      totally! Back to being lazy n watching series all night! hehe

  13. updates... thank you finish airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20778-ch3-nakee-act-art/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21707-ch7-tai-rom-pra-baramee-series/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21715-gmm25-little-big-dream/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20758-ch3-duangjai-pisut-sonic-boom/ please pin http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/19829-ch3-kularb-tud-petch-chonlumpi/ Also please change title to Game Sanaeha http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21592-ch3-buang-sanaeha-lakorn-thai/#entry846073
  14. is it just my internet or is kssasian not working?

    1. Sunny


      I think the website its been two days, ahh its like telling me to rest so I can't watch anything hehehe

    2. Thip


      i hope it doesnt get shut down or something bc thats the only place where i can watch my Filipino drama hahah

    3. Sunny


      Yea I hope so too, because I like this website the most.

  15. updates thank you please change cast to Sammy Cowell, Kelly Tanapat, Boom Kitkong http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/18792-ch7-wihok-long-lom-daravdo/ finish airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20778-ch3-nakee-act-art/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21497-gmm25-club-friday-to-be-continued/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21703-onehd-the-series-rao-gert-nai-ratchagan-tee-gao/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20566-ch3-nang-ay-maker-y/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20855-ch3-mae-khong-paen-din-series-prateep-ruk-haeng-huajai-feel-good/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21049-3sd-maya-chimpee-who-who/ airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20607-ch3-kon-la-kaub-fa-maker-k/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21715-gmm25-little-big-dream/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20854-ch3-mae-khong-paendin-series-sang-tian-maker-k/