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  1. does the hide option doesnt work anymore? I tried hiding the magazine scan but it's not working and I already double checked to see if I had set it up right and I did
  2. updates...thank you. finish airing please pin
  3. updates... finish airing please pin please merge these two threads
  4. updates.... please pin
  5. Updates.... finish airing please pin
  6. finish airing please pin
  7. finish airing airing please take Captain's and Tangmo's name out and nangek is Sandy Chalida. Also title has been changed to Bussaba Puen Foon
  8. updates... finished airing please pin
  9. Awesome!! Thanks Mai.
  10. Does anyone know the dimension size for the cover photo of the profile section? I'm trying to edit my cover photo on my profile but I'm having a hard time choosing the correct size on photoshop
  11. No I couldn't
  12. oooh I'm liking this new update so far and I can have my own header under my profile feed too hehe
  13. yeah it is very different now. Thank you Sunny and Darv for updating. At first I thought it was my internet LOL. quick question, is the signature option not available in this version? I can't find it in my setting lol
  14. updates...thank you finish airing please pin
  15. Stay with me...Wang Kai, why must you be so handsome lol

    1. NinjaKKN


      The trailer looks really romantic. I'll probably watch it later.

    2. Thip


      lol it's not so romantic but more comical after she loses her memory