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  1. you could also try kayak.com next time. also, since you're going to ny, i was going to suggest virgin america, since i just bought a ticket for la to ny for less than $300. but since i dunno where you're flying from, it might not work. anyways, have fun in ny!
  2. juicee


    does anyone have aperture and is willing to share?
  3. okay, so i need help opening a file that's in .vcd format. what program do i need to use?
  4. juicee

    dvd cloner

    it's cool, thanks anyway sunny. nero won't copy this particular dvd of my cousin's wedding cause it's protected or something like that, so that's why i was gonna use dvd cloner.
  5. juicee

    dvd cloner

    anyone have this program? i would really appreciate it.
  6. anyone have an ipod video converter or know where i can download one?

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