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  1. Okay I am really off now getting ready to leave my house to catch the plane. See you all again sometime August I promise.
  2. Well I am off now And I promise that i will be back at spicy when i return
  3. Hey I am going on a trip to Australia too maybe we might actually meet each other orchid Hehe. Well I won't be gone for three months but I probably won't be loging in until probably August becasue no internet connection plus relatives will be visiting my family in America after i come back from the trip. Well I guess i just have to come back and read all the Thai entertainment news that I will be missing during those time to catch up. Hmm I 'm thinking it will probably be alot becasue of you active people.
  4. Cool i will try it when i have time
  5. i have lots of picture on that i want to share but i don't know how to share the ones that are on my computer. Can someone teach me if they know how.
  6. alright thanks let see how it goes for me when i post my first one up when i have free time
  7. Wait before i start checking Sendspace do i have to register for it and does it cost money?
  8. alright let me try and see how it goes if i need help i'll ask again.
  9. Okay got the songs on my computer now. I am tring to share with box.net but i seem to be having a hard time with uploading the files. Can someone teach me.
  10. heavenly_aom


    can someone teach me how to upload song because i would love to share what i have.
  11. Anyone happen to know what the lakorn Se Pan-din is about and who is in it. I post it in the lakorn section under one of the lakorn but i think i should post it her i might be a bit easier.

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