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    Congratulations Mint Chalida, finally she graduated
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    Thank you for thinking of me, I'm home safe. (no virus yet) And I went to Ch3 event and saw many Ch3 celebs, I have no idea who most of them are haha but nice to see some that I know too! Real life wise, tiny little people lol!
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    That shooting in Korat is horrible! @SunnyI hope you’re safe in Thailand!
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    Ok, I've played around with the new theme and right now I'm just going to settle with this because getting tired and anything else I'll fix and do another time lol I also added new hooks and plugins and is able to bring back the HIDE content again which is great but I don't think anyone cares about it anymore The plugins that I installed in this version is you can preview topics before entering to see what the first topic comment say and also what the latest comment say. I have also added a separator between the pinned topics and unpinned topics to make it look less messy lol
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    Is anyone else banned from the forum?
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    Man this like ur second side job lol and u ain’t even gettin pay LOL
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    maybe we can change it. hey but maybe dubbing is better than subbing if we have all the material.
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    yeah who's going to be the man's voice?

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