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    Hallo my folks, I know I'm so corny, I'm a very corny person hehehe but I celebrate our establishment every year. 14 years older, 14 years wiser. I'm so so grateful to everybody who has made Spicy come from dial up internet to I don't know even what the latest type of internet world we are in now. I'm so so grateful to those that have started out with us in the very basic, easy and controllable forum style, now it's so difficult to even find a likable skin that is for the version that seems to always need updating. I'm very thankful to every member that has started up with us since the days of no Youtube, not yet Facebook, its one of those MSN, AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, Hotmail and simple text email. I really treasure the days when we, from all corner of the globe stay up because of different time zone so that we can all, in one big group and community post in all types of topics and sometimes even accidentally get mixed up in our replies by replying in the wrong topic because we have 5+ other windows open and replying to them all! I'm happy to see a lot of those that started with us still hanging around and posting, I'm also happy to see new members shyly with caution and slowly join in. I'm also deeply touched to see, no matter how active or inactive Spicy sometimes can be, you guys still check in, roam around, read, stalk, spy... I mean come visit no matter what. Lastly I'm happiest to read and know about every one who have succeed in life throughout the years on and off at Spicy, in love, in marriage, in motherhood/fatherhood, in single-hood (like me, if that is a word), career or just still an internet junky contributing around. Thanks and many many thanks always for supporting me, us, together. We, may not be as active as before, but as long as there shall still be some replies, some views, some interest in the forum. We will try our best to keep Spicy aging because it isn't the future that keeps me wanting to have Spicy going, but it is the present and the past memories and love you've given me.
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    Bella & Weir are so cute, do they have a fanclub name?
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    Happy songkran everyone!
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    Happy Love’s Day everyone! 😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ’™β™₯️
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    Merry Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ everyone !
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    Thank you Sunny for all your hard work!! You're seriously the best admin.
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    Man this like ur second side job lol and u ain’t even gettin pay LOL
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    Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy SPICYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY wow inching towards 20!
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    Happy 14th Birthday to Spicy!!! I Miss coming to this forum everyday now and it seems like I haven't been active like I used too. Glad to see this forum still standing otherwise I would be going to asianfuse which I haven't post there for awhile because I don't remember my password.
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    OMG, has it been that long?! Happiest birthday to Spicy! I remember joining this forum back in 2007!!! So long ago I hope this forum stays on for 50 more years from now lol. Though I'm not around much anymore but I know I can always come back and feel like I've never left. Grew up with this forum, been through all the dramas and crazy shenanigans here LOL #goodoldtimes Though I think the forum has calm down now
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    WOW....has it been that long since we started? OLD FARTS! BUT Happy BIRTHDAY MY FELLOW SPICYs!!! I LOVE YA'll old members and new members! BUT I wish I was more into the Thai ET world so I can do more for the forum like 'em old days. I don't translate or sub anymore...I know, I know, I suck. lol But like always I love lurking in here for something spicy to read. Just waiting for something or someone to pull me back in. I was for a little while when I was crushing all over Push Puttichai. But now I have my own prince charming I'm head over heels for sooooooo no more lusting on celebs
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    Happy 14th Anniversary Spicy! I don't post often, however I enjoyed reading this forum because it's my home base for Thai entertainment and news.
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    YOu write so beautiful and kind! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SPICY ! Stay zaap saap forever! I def member spending my junior year and al of high school year at spicy and fighting my siblings for the dial up Internet and def fighting my parents when using the dial up Internet cus that be the phone line too ahahahaha anywhoo! I’m glad that spicy is still up and kicking! One day mayb for the 15 or 20 year anniversary we can ALL HAVE A REUNION HERE AT SPICY w the likes of EVERYONE. ALL THE ADMINS. THE STAFF. & members!!!! #breaktheinternet LOL
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    Happy anniversary spicy!!. I'm one of the oldies lol. No matter how busy I am with life,kids just running mommy errand. SPICY IS MY GET AWAY FROM THE REAL WORLD LOL. Miss the spamming days.. many more years Spicy.
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    Helloooooo, omg every time I return to Spicy, there's always an update on the whole forum. I love it!
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    finished airing http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21021-ch7-sanaeha-maya-914-entertainment/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21087-ch7-sa-kao-duen-media-studio/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21887-ch7-chart-lam-chee-coliseum/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21977-onehd-dao-jarut-fah-remake/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/20822-ch3-buang-ruk-satan-polyplus/ please pin http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21543-ch7-sampatan-hua-jai-mummai/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/22065-gmm25-team-lah-torachon/ http://www.spicyforum.net/topic/21545-ch7-lep-krut-nine-bever-films/
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    I've never watched CH8 lakorn but stumbled upon 'Jai Luang' and omgosh FINNNN! this lakorn satisfied my craving for n'ek & p'ek real kisses and tension! Dude I didn't even know the leads but their chemistry really pulled me in hahaha. Recommend if you are bored!
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    Oh gosh, that moment when you get a reply from Mark! Oh gosh, it puts you over the moon!! Lord, help me! I’m hyperventilating 5555