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    Hallo my folks, I know I'm so corny, I'm a very corny person hehehe but I celebrate our establishment every year. 14 years older, 14 years wiser. I'm so so grateful to everybody who has made Spicy come from dial up internet to I don't know even what the latest type of internet world we are in now. I'm so so grateful to those that have started out with us in the very basic, easy and controllable forum style, now it's so difficult to even find a likable skin that is for the version that seems to always need updating. I'm very thankful to every member that has started up with us since the days of no Youtube, not yet Facebook, its one of those MSN, AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, Hotmail and simple text email. I really treasure the days when we, from all corner of the globe stay up because of different time zone so that we can all, in one big group and community post in all types of topics and sometimes even accidentally get mixed up in our replies by replying in the wrong topic because we have 5+ other windows open and replying to them all! I'm happy to see a lot of those that started with us still hanging around and posting, I'm also happy to see new members shyly with caution and slowly join in. I'm also deeply touched to see, no matter how active or inactive Spicy sometimes can be, you guys still check in, roam around, read, stalk, spy... I mean come visit no matter what. Lastly I'm happiest to read and know about every one who have succeed in life throughout the years on and off at Spicy, in love, in marriage, in motherhood/fatherhood, in single-hood (like me, if that is a word), career or just still an internet junky contributing around. Thanks and many many thanks always for supporting me, us, together. We, may not be as active as before, but as long as there shall still be some replies, some views, some interest in the forum. We will try our best to keep Spicy aging because it isn't the future that keeps me wanting to have Spicy going, but it is the present and the past memories and love you've given me.
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