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  2. living in the world of mario


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  4. Helloooooo, omg every time I return to Spicy, there's always an update on the whole forum. I love it!

    1. Sunny


      Please don't wait until the next update to come back again! *kisses*
      This forum wants me to update like every 3 months! :angry:

  5. World Cup, of course no other than Deutschland :wub:

  6. Earlier
  7. We can now watch Ch7 lakorns via Bugaboo but for a fee hahaha!

  8. Happy mother's Day!! 

    1. Sunny


      Happy Mother's Day, I'm not in that position yet .. again haha

    2. Sreymao


      ??? @sunny. Don't worry.  When you are ready don't forget to tell us the good news.  My mothers day card.  My son loves that I'm lazy LMAO???.  

    3. Sunny


      LOL maybe when Spicy turn 20 years old I'll still be looking for a BF :o
      Thats so sweet, he made you a card!

  9. Ch7's kissing is becoming advance!? I saw clips on YT of Ch7 lakorn and whaoo, when did this kind of stuff become the norm? The kisses are good but still the same old kiss slap and leads not saying what their hearts wants. But the point is... THE KISS have advanced!? hahaha Its no longer fake its totally a kiss! Sorry I haven't been watching Ch7 lakorn for 2-3 years?

    1. Thip


      which kiss sunny? and by who hahahha

    2. Sunny


      I've no idea who they were haha it was a random clip that pop up on YT as recommend LOL as it can tell what I've been watching hahaha. But its not like foreign kisses, just that its not what I've seen from on Ch7 before so it was a new thing. No more blocking and censoring lol.

  10. Sunny

    [Attention] To the Admins

  11. I've never watched CH8 lakorn but stumbled upon 'Jai Luang' and omgosh FINNNN! this lakorn satisfied my craving for n'ek & p'ek real kisses and tension! Dude I didn't even know the leads but their chemistry really pulled me in hahaha. Recommend if you are bored!

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    2. Sunny


      I've checked and have enabled for you, I had idea it was not automatically enabled, it says member can enable it themselves but I have no idea how you could do that on your own so I did it :)

    3. mdz1


      Gonna go check this out now!!!! :P

    4. Sunny


      You'll be addicted, I was and still rewatch it haha wished there was a thread on this I would give me review haha or maybe I'll make one LOL @mdz1

  12. Hello Spicers...havent been here for awhile. Everything still looks the same hehe

    1. Sunny


      You mean the same without much updates? hehe I'm so glad you're back! Was wondering where you were :)

    2. aiyaja


      I'm back and then you're gone. All of us have been busy with our lives. I lost all of my passwords except for Spicy and too lazy to create a new account at Sarn's. Lol

      I'm glad you're back. :)

    3. Sunny


      @aiyaja same as me, I've lost my password to Sarn's for maybe 5 years and haven't re-register since hahaha. I think being at Spicy is my most peaceful yet fun place, especially with new members lately they make me laugh LOL.

  13. Did yaya just announced her break up with Nadech or did i miss something

    1. maiix


      That’s what i was thinking too

    2. Kizukami


      wait.... what?  

  14. The forum was down for a few days again right? LOL 

  15. just saw the trailer of “Mr. Sunshine” another project of Kim Eun Sook and the same derictor who made Dots and Gublin. Just the song alone gave me goosebumps lol. I’m so gonna watch this one. Been hook in book and game for awhile :D 

    1. Sunny


      She does a lot of good series, will she be able to do it again :)

  16. RS music is on SPOTIFY new era... 

  17. what is the problem in thailand about leopard it's trending in tweeter

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    2. dhaf


      it's a huge deal right now in thailand i think a leopard was killed but the hunters are someone powerful in thailand that get away with money that if what i understood is right this black leopard are rare and there is only 2000 in the world 

    3. Sunny


      Its a pity because he's rich so he can get away easily. Compared to an elderly couple who was cooking animals that they hunt in the forest (not rare ones) and was jailed on that day. Just because they're poor they can't bailed themselves and they did lesser harm to the forest and community vs the business man that hunted and killed rare animals.

    4. dhaf


      yes the irony of life , money is needed to live but at the same time if it is in the wrong hands it can do disaster 

  18. Let me go eat a fatty Big Mac and I’ll get back to you LOL ???

  19. YOUNGBAE!!! 

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    2. m3lhouse
    3. LyLy


      their still Gdragon

    4. m3lhouse


      GD is actually my bias but I always have a soft spot for youngbae!  ahahhaha

  20. Downtown Minneapolis is CRAZY with all kind of SB events happening.I wanna run into JT though ??? or the gorgeous Taylor Hill and Gisele ??.  

    1. phanit92


      Before Love is a perfect . Now Money wins all barrier everything in her mind. No money No honey.

  21. Oh gosh, that moment when you get a reply from Mark! Oh gosh, it puts you over the moon!! Lord, help me! I’m hyperventilating 5555 :) 

    1. Sunny


      Awesome! When celebs reply its also very exciting

    2. Kimix


      Haha I was totally over the moon! It means a lot when a celebrity replies to your post. Haha :) 

  22. “There is, however, another kind of love, a much darker and sadder kind of love. It's the love one feels when one loves someone he or she can never and will never have.” ~~ Unknown

  23. Did spicy go down for a few days? Or was the glitch just on my end? Lol 

    1. Sunny


      Yes, it was down for 3 days. Welcome back :)

    2. passionalee


      Good to be back! Lol I couldn’t snoop around n I got like a panic attack lmao! 

  24. Omg! I just started following Ryan Phillippe and to my surprise, he’s actually following Yaya on ig? Am I missing something?! Lol how does he know her?! Pretty impressive I would say cuz the dude was my BIG celebrity crush growing up lol ? ?❤️

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    2. Oliviali2


      I believe the Rio Olympic swimming scandal involved Ryan Lochte, not the actor Ryan Phillippe.

    3. LyLy


      @Oliviali2 thank you I don't know why I read Ryan Lochte.  I love Ryan Phillippe when he was married to Reese Witherspoon.


    4. Oliviali2


      @LyLy lol too funny and I understand. Phillippe is cute and they were a cute couple.  

  25. Happy New Year my people!
    Oh another lonely festive day.. I hate end of year lol *rll*

  26. Omg! So bored!!!!!!!!!!!! What is there good to watch anymore??????????? Retirement?? Lol ??

    1. Sunny


      I just watch foreign series, I don't watch Thai lakorns for awhile lol

    2. LyLy


      I've been watching old Taiwanese series i haven't seen.  No lakorn has been good this past year!  They need to step up their game for the international fans.

    3. Visay


      try Kdrama Sister is Alive you will never regret it hehe

  27. So Golf & Kwan broke up...

  28. Merry Christmas everyone ^_^  Wow it’s been so long I almost forgot my password lol.

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