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  2. Happy New Year. 

  3. Happy New Year 2020.
    May you all be healthy, humble and rich. Thank you for every support, those who have stayed for a long time and those who are new. Thank you for stepping into this new decade with me. Love you all.

  4. Merry Christmas my lovelies *gh*

  5. Congratulations Mint Chalida, finally she graduated

  6. LOL Came across Kob and Andrew's Look Mai Klai Ton. *muha*

  7. Trying to watch The Strand on Netflix. Is it any good?

  8. Came upon this old old lakorn. OMG Ning Kullastree was a Good actress


    1. Sunny


      Yea its too bad she quit so early, hope she's living well even with her illness now.

    2. Sreymao


      Haha.. I remember this. One of my favorite.  Yai ManKaew lol .pek so cute. 

    3. ladc


      My all time favorite lakorn! Still watch this lakorn there and then. I just adore Patson and Ning.

  9. I'm back! Hopefully I can catch up on Spicy soon, please give me some time :)

  10. Ok I'm going to settle with this light skin because now our smiley don't look funny against the dark background. We're good to go for another year, until next year when I am forced to update again.
  11. Ummmi know this is super duper old but it's on Netflix and it's been catching my eyes cus I keep rewatching AKO but is BoyOverFlower worth that 25 episodes and time? Like does it have happy ending? Do pek n nek get together? And how many love triangle is there / heart break before they get together lol how often do I gotta cry n scream at my tv lmfao cus if anyone ever watched AKO the ending pissed me TF lol 

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    2. passionalee


      Oh yeah I wanted to watch that one too! But didn’t find a good site for it the site I normally watched on kissasian? Seems to be having major ads popping up and disrupting often :( 

      btw great look for spicy! Lovin the blue. Making it clear and light *yss* @Sunny

    3. Sunny


      I think its on Netflix la! So you can watch My ID is Gangnam Beauty on Netflix.

    4. passionalee


      I have checked and it is not. At least not for the USA NETFLIX/:  I think diff area of the world have diff showings for Netflix at least that’s what I’m told before 

  12. I have come to realize that the forum skin will adjust its colour depending on night and day. Wow some tech stuff these days. I was doing the skin last night and everything was dark to me, now its day time it seems the skin and background have become more colourful.
  13. Ok, I've played around with the new theme and right now I'm just going to settle with this because getting tired and anything else I'll fix and do another time lol I also added new hooks and plugins and is able to bring back the HIDE content again which is great but I don't think anyone cares about it anymore The plugins that I installed in this version is you can preview topics before entering to see what the first topic comment say and also what the latest comment say. I have also added a separator between the pinned topics and unpinned topics to make it look less messy lol
  14. The forum is very black I'm sorry I'm going to try and play around with the theme. Its that time again when we update the forum version we have to update to a new version theme too.
  15. Is there problem with Spicy again?

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    2. passionalee


      It’s lighter now and yeah dark purple now lol 

    3. Sunny


      @passionalee it changes depending on your time, if its day its lighter, if its night its dark. *dunno*

    4. shampoo


      Thanks sunny.

  16. Congrats to Mew! That is one huge diamond ring. 

  17. This Cali Heat is no joke! Making me sweat in my home EVEN THO I HAVE THE DAM AC ON UGH :ter:? 

    1. Sunny


      I'm sorry to hear, I went through that last Summer in Australia, it was tough but we have the heat every year so our country is kind of prepared for it lol every where you go the air con is like freezing.

    2. LyLy


      Yesterday was super hot :-/

  18. Happy fourth of July `merica!!!!

  19. Is anyone else banned from the forum?

    1. passionalee


      I've been unbanned thanks sunny LOLOLOKKK jk darn glitcheslol 

  20. Aw happy 15annvisary to us spicy lovers! This is def my longest relationship!!!(: here’s to many many more!
  21. 15 years.. wow.. the longest FORUM I've been a part of and still do. Sometimes I just come read lol like @Sunnymention it's our library. My spicy family. I loooove you guys. Happy anniversary. I hope this forum still be around. I'm not going nowhere. I've been a part since my early 20s, a mom and now a soccer mom lol I hope it still around for our kids that love thai entertainment. My daughter will , I will make her sit through a lakorn or any series its doesn't have to be thai. Make her an addict like me. ..( if I have a daughter lol. ) I have 2 preteens son. No luck there lmaooooo.. happy anniversary SPICY
  22. Happy Birthday to Us all. I don't have many things to say, I say it every year. I just want to say Thank You. I don't know how old Spicy will reach, I never even imagine reaching 15 years. It's a commitment I didn't think will go on for this long, through the high and low. I'm grateful to everybody who has stick around and those that have been around for a very long time too but is shy. Thank you and let's enjoy the aging days of being more at peace with one another, enjoying the life, the entertainment, the fun part. Spicy is like a library to me, it holds so much memory, so much data collection, flashbacks, I also gain knowledge that I didn't in real life school. Thank you everyone.
  23. Why Ch3 likes to delete lakorns just because it's going to re-run and upload the re-run version? Err can't they just leave the Prime Time version alone?! :angry12:

  24. Everyone seems to be walking the red carpet at Cannes lol

  25. Bella & Weir are so cute, do they have a fanclub name? *het*

  26. Happy songkran everyone! 

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